M.A. or Ph.D. in
Jungian Psychology:
Interdisciplinary Study of Aniela Jaffe

(With a Minor in the "Later" Jung and Psychology)

Aniela Jaffe

American University of Prague

Prague Humanities Institute
All Classes in English

Jungian Psychology:                                            36 credit hrs.

Psy. 1810. Two Essays on Analytic Psychology (Vol. 7. CW)
Psy. 1820. The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Vol. 9. I, CW)
Psy. 1830. Aion: Research into the Phenomenology of the Self (Vol. 9. II, CW)
Psy. 1840. Psychology of Religion: East and West (Vol 11. CW)
Psy. 1850. The Symbolic Life (Vol. 18. CW)
Psy. 1860. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Vol. 14. CW)
Psy. 1870. Civilization in Transition (Vol. 10. CW)
Psy. 1880. Psychology of Religion & Mandala (East-West)
Psy. 1890. Memories, Dreams, Reflections

15 Credit hrs. (selected works)

Jaffe Studies: With a Minor in the "Later" Jung and Psychology

Psy. 4230. Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Psy. 4240. Jung's Last Years and Other Essays
Psy. 4250. The Myth of Meaning
Psy. 4260. From the Life and Work of C. G. Jung
Psy. 4270. Word and Image
Psy. 4280. C.G. Jung and the Eranos Conferences
Psy. 4290. Apparitions & Precognition: From the Point of View of Jung's Analytic Psychology
Psy. 4300. Apparitions: An Archetypal Approach to Death, Dreams, and Ghosts

15 Credit hrs. (selected works)

Thesis Work:

(6 Credit hrs.)

Total: 36 Credit hrs.

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