M.A. or Ph.D. in
Phenomenological Philosophy:
Interdisciplinary Study of Aron Gurwitsch

(With a Minor in Existential Phenomenology)

Aron Gurwitsch.

American University of Prague

Prague Humanities Institute
All Classes in English

Gurwitsch Studies:                                        36 credit hrs.

Phil.709. The Writings of Aron Gurwitsch
Phil. 719. The Field of Consciousness (Das Bewusstseinfeld)
Phil. 729. Marginal Consciousness
Phil. 739. Gurwitsch's Phenomenology of Thematics
Phil. 749. Philosophers in Exile: The Correspondance of Alfred Schutz & Aron Gurwitsch
Phil. 759. Studies in Phenomenology & Psychology
Phil. 769. Problems of the Life-World

21 Credit hrs.

With A Minor in Existential Phenomenology:

Phil. 607. Jung
Phil. 614. Heidegger
Phil. 580. Sartre
Phil. 621. Neitzsche
Phil. 631. Jaspers
Phil. 641. Kierkegaard
Phil. 651. Freud

21 Credit hours.

Thesis Work:

(6 Credit hrs.)

Total: 48 Credit hrs.

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