M.A. or Ph.D. in
Jungian Psychology:
Interdisciplinary Study of James Hollis

(With a Minor in Post-Jungian Mythologems)

James Hollis.

American University of Prague

Prague Humanities Institute
All Classes in English

Jungian Psychology:                                            36 credit hrs.

Psy. 1810. Two Essays on Analytic Psychology (Vol. 7. CW)
Psy. 1820. The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Vol. 9. I, CW)
Psy. 1830. Aion: Research into the Phenomenology of the Self (Vol. 9. II, CW)
Psy. 1840. Psychology of Religion: East and West (Vol 11. CW)
Psy. 1850. The Symbolic Life (Vol. 18. CW)
Psy. 1860. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Vol. 14. CW)
Psy. 1870. Civilization in Transition (Vol. 10. CW)
Psy. 1880. Psychology of Religion & Mandala (East-West)
Psy. 1890. Memories, Dreams, Reflections

15 Credit hrs. (selected works)

Hollis Studies: With a Minor Post-Jungian Psychology

Psy. 2760. The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife
Psy. 2770. Tracking the Gods: The Place of Myth in Modern Life
Psy. 2780. Under Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men
Psy. 2790. Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places
Psy. 2800. The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Order
Psy. 2810. The Archetypal Imagination
Psy. 2820. Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path
Psy. 2830. On this Journey We Call Our Life
Psy. 2840. What Matters Most
Psy. 2850. Mythologems: Incarnations of the Invisible World
Psy. 2860. Why Good People Do Bad Things
Psy. 2870. Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

15 Credit hrs. (selected works)

Thesis Work:

(6 Credit hrs.)

Total: 36 Credit hrs.

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