M.A. or Ph.D. in
Jungian Psychology:
Interdisciplinary Study of Marie-Louise Von Franz

(With a Minor in Archetypes in Fairy Tales)

Marie-Louise Von Franz

American University of Prague

Prague Humanities Institute
All Classes in English

Jungian Psychology:                                            36 credit hrs.

Psy. 1810. Two Essays on Analytic Psychology (Vol. 7. CW)
Psy. 1820. The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Vol. 9. I, CW)
Psy. 1830. Aion: Research into the Phenomenology of the Self (Vol. 9. II, CW)
Psy. 1840. Psychology of Religion: East and West (Vol 11. CW)
Psy. 1850. The Symbolic Life (Vol. 18. CW)
Psy. 1860. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Vol. 14. CW)
Psy. 1870. Civilization in Transition (Vol. 10. CW)
Psy. 1880. Psychology of Religion & Mandala (East-West)
Psy. 1890. Memories, Dreams, Reflections

15 Credit hrs. (selected works)

Von Franz Studies: With a Minor in Archetypal Fairy Tales

Psy. 2010. Redemption Motifs
Psy. 2020. Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales
Psy. 2030. The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption
Psy. 2040. The Golden Ass with the Tale of Eros and Psyche
Psy. 2050. The Grail Legend
Psy. 2060. Psychological Meaning of Redemption Motifs in Fairy Tales
Psy. 2070. C. G. Jung His Myth in Our Time
Psy. 2080. Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales
Psy. 2090. Time, Rhythm and Repose (Art & Imagination)
Psy. 2100. The Interpretation of Fairy Tales
Psy. 2110. Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche
Psy. 2120. The Passion of Perpetua
Psy. 2130. The Problem of the Puer Aeternus
Psy. 2140. Aurora Consurgens

15 Credit hrs. (selected works)

Thesis Work:

(6 Credit hrs.)

Total: 36 Credit hrs.

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