Independent Study Program(s)
M.A. or Ph.D.

(Philosophy, Psychology, English-Literature, Theology)

The independent study program(s) at PHI consists of a specific program of study whereby the student and professor may design a specialized program of study at the M.A. or Ph.D. levels which will become the official interdisciplinary study program of the student(s) Masters or Doctoral degree program of study.

The M.A. or Ph.D. independent study program will always consist of formal classes the professor agrees to teach in the area of the students independent study program of research within the fields of philosophy, psychology, English-literature, and theology

One prerequsite for application into the independent study masters or doctoral degree program of study is precisely that he student must have formal classes or graduate coursework which is drawn specifically from the official curriculum of courses listed on the PHI website.
Also, the independent study must consist of major and minor degree area (s) within the students program of study which are clearly defined and the program and must be interdisciplinary in character.

All independent study programs at the masters and doctoral degre level must first be officially approved by the director of studies.

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